V0.4.0 Update

This update builds up perception based features, rewarding the player for keeping an eye on the map. Secret forest locations now vary in most maps, with an indicator still present for the keen-eyed, and environmental modifiers have been added, which have a small chance of appearing and affecting Explore tile outcomes (a small icon somewhere on the map indicates if they are active).


  • Varied Secret Forest Entrances - Now need to be searched for, can't just be memorised, incentivises changing routes.
  • Added Environmental Modifiers - Affect Explore / tiles.
    • Boneyard (Undead) - High debuff potential. 10% appear chance.
    • Watchtower (Soldiers) - High buff potential. 10% appear chance.
  • Balance Changes & Bug Fixes - See version log for full details.

Thanks for playing! If you find any bugs, please report them here.


Pilgrim's Peril V0.4.gb 512 kB
79 days ago
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79 days ago

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